About us

We’re truely dedicated to make your travel experience as much simple and fun as possible!

We give meaning to your travel tale from the time of inception. The continuous patronage in tour operating businesses and providing contented solutions is a remarkable affirmation of our toiled work for 12 years and counting. The hard competency and knowledge of Linda Tours have helped to give you interim solutions for your custom travel needs.

We are privileged and respect the fact that you have chosen us for your travel journey, therefore, we are punctual, disciplined by providing all kind of tours with friendly guides and cars with polite chauffeurs.

When you are all set to fulfill the desire of your bucket list and make passion come true, we go beyond edge and set the best itinerary for you.
Our expanse and reach are so vast that under one cloud we allow you to freely choose from different packages and a myriad list of places according to your travel needs. Even before you travel, everything is systematically planned that ensures a stress-free holiday experience.

If planning a visit in Mumbai or wish to see the best of places in Mumbai, Our one day tour packages could solve this purpose very easily. Our professional guides will truly accustom you with life and culture.